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Snow Report 2-3


Hold onto your hats, folks, it's a windy one today. 28° F with a sustained wind of 22mph at the moment giving us a real feel of brrrrrrrr. Light snow is predicted later this afternoon with no significant accumulations. BUT - the end of our 10 day forecast is looking promising with 3 days of snow possible. Stay tuned.

Let's talk a bout wind for just a minute as I scramble to get the snow report out. We've posted about this before but it bears repeating.

About The Wind - From an interview with Operations Manager Denny Walton, by Anne Groebner in OutdoorsSouthwest.com

"There is a lot of wind at Sunrise so they have wind meters on the lifts. “Everybody thinks there is a magic number (around 40 miles per hour) — and that will raise some eyebrows,” commented Walton. “But basically, it is the direction the wind is blowing that will shut down the lifts. 40-mile-per-hour wind coming downline, straight-line, isn’t as bad as a 30-mph crosswind.” What they are looking at is the swing of the chairs. The wind is more of a problem around Apache Peak than at Sunrise Peak so they have people watching the chairs and if they are hitting the tower, then it is a no-brainer and they will shut down the lift. Unless, however, they feel that it is still in control, then they will just slow down the lift to control the swing and monitor it. Skiers may not be too happy about it but it’s for safety reasons. Sometimes, they will reopen the lift if the wind subsides but it could be an all-day thing. Walton also told me that the four seaters may not swing as much as the 2-3 seat lifts. The good news is that this year, instead of taking chair lifts up to Cyclone, they will be offering Snow cat rides. Two 9-passenger Snow cats will rotate every 15 minutes or so, driving skiers to the top of the mountain. This is great news because, if you remember the old chairlift to Cyclone, you’ll know that it took over 18 minutes to get to the top of the Mountain. Not to mention that the Snow cats will be heated."

That being said, there is always a possibility of losing power in these conditions. When that happens we do our best to get things rolling again as quickly as possible. But ultimately, Mother Nature is at the helm here. IF we go on wind hold, please exercise patience with our staff as we are waiting for the ok to resume operations, knowing that we cannot control the wind.

Today's groomers are as follows:


Evergreen, Fairway, Going Home, Lodge View, Upper Spruce, No Name, Pinedale, Sidewinder, Bunny Hill


Apache Drum, Red Valley, Wikieup, Midway Alley


Trails groomed by Snow Cat Shuttles, variable.


Get a heads up on road conditions at AZ511.com. And for a real time view of Sunrise check out our live webcam.

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