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Snow Report 12-29

This week's storm stayed with us all day yesterday and we received another 9 inches of snow in the last 24 hours brining the weekly total to 39" and season totals to 112". Current temperature at 6:52am is 2° F and highs are expected to stay in the low 20s which will keep things lofty on the slopes. It's a good day to break out the face mask... and worth it!

Best to be prepared in these big winter storms. You will want to layer up your core today - here are some tips:

  1. Base Layer - long johns, hot chilly's or some form of base for both bottoms and top today. There are some great wick away brands out there that will draw moisture away from your body (a dry body will stay warmer than one that is damp from all those powder turns you are going to get in today!)

  2. Mid Layer - a good mid layer like a breathable sweater or fleece will act as an insulator.

  3. Water resistant outerwear - let's face it, you're gonna get covered in snow on our mountain today! Breathable, waterproof or water resistant pants and coats are gonna keep the heat in while letting moisture escape, which will keep your engine revving hot all day! Breathable is better because it keeps you drier.

  4. Socks - 1 PAIR ONLY - as a long time snowboard instructor I can tell you it's a common mistake that people make in thinking 2 pairs of socks is better than just one. IT'S NOT. If you wear 2 pairs of socks it will likely make your boots too tight, cutting off circulation, which will actually make your feet colder. Also, it will often create pressure points inside your boots that will become uncomfortable. Wear just 1 pair of quality boot socks. Merino wool is great for this as it naturally wicks moisture away from your feet. Dry feet with good circulation = toasty toes!

  5. Hat - hats are essential in these conditions. We humans lose much heat through our heads when they are not covered. So keep that noggin warm with a beanie, and then go the extra mile with a stealth helmet for protection.

  6. Waterproof gloves/mittens - this one is self explanatory. On days like this I prefer the ones with straps that attach to my wrists so that I don't lose them on the lift chair.

  7. Goggles - will work a lot better on a snowy day than sunglasses. Protective eyewear is essential, and on a snowy day there are some awesome yellow/amber tinted lenses that will brighten up your vision adding clarity to whiteout conditions.

Grab the rest of your riding gear and get going!

Now that you are ready for the weather, be sure to get a heads up on road conditions at AZ511.com. And for a real time view of Sunrise check out our live webcam.

All three peaks and six lifts are open, and the passenger cats are rolling! Our Groomers and Terrain Park Crew have been working overtime to condition the trails, though the snow is coming down faster than the machines are able to go. So for what it's worth we have had the most success:


Bunny Hill, Pinedale, Fairway, Pump House, Lodgeview, Jackson's Alley, Sugar, Nastar, No Name, Sidewinder, Upper & Lower Spruce Ridge, Going Home


Apache Drum, Red Valley, Midway Alley, Wikieup


Natural conditions

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