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Good Morning from 9200 Feet! And what a beautiful morning for starting off the 2019/20 Winter Season!

Snow Report: Sunrise received a total of 26" of snow from an early season storm this week just in time for a GRAND opening day!

Let us first say that despite this fresh new blanket to keep in mind that there may be a few bumps out there. UNMARKED OBSTACLES MAY EXIST, so please ski and ride with caution.

We are happy to announce that the following trails are OPEN:

Spruce Ridge, No Name, Loafer, Fairway, Pinedale, Half of the Bunny Hill and Lodgeview.

Restrooms at the top of Lift I (Sunrise Peak) are open, though Eagle's Nest is not yet serving food. For those of you wanting something to snack on, please visit the Day Lodge at Sunrise Base.

First chair will be rolling out soon! Be safe out there and enjoy this early season gift of pow! We are excited to share it with all of YOU!

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