• Sunrise Staffer

Notes from the GM

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

It's here! The 2020/21 Sunrise Park Resort Trail Map from our partner, VistaMap!

We would like to thank VistaMap for their hard work and attention to detail that has been given for our updated trail maps, AND to Lumiplan, the giant interactive base area signs that have been in discussion with GM Taren Burke since 2019.

Our hope has been that the interactive trail maps would improve our guest experience with the ease and flow of real time weather, updates of open/closed trails, on-site bargains and special space for our partners to advertise.

For more information about VistaMap and to see if they can help your business, head on over to the North American website at: https://www.vistamapwayfinding.com/

Speaking of improvements... have you seen GM Taren Burke's Master Plan for Sunrise Park Resort? A great deal of planning went into this labor of love, and implementation of the plan began in 2019. Read about exciting improvements and upgrades - you can even download a copy of the plan.

Head over to our website now and check out "Notes from the General Manager" for the inside scoop!