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Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Welcome to our new mountain report feed!

This is where I will be sitting with coffee in hand each morning to bring you all of the latest regarding snow conditions, groomed runs, open/closed lifts & trails and all kinds of fun winter babble!

FYI, our expert snowmakers started blowing snow on October 20 and have been steady at it since. Yesterday we got a mixed bag of precip, starting with some thunderstorms which cooled off to some sizable hail, and as the night went on some very wet snow.

"Oh, no! Rain?!" you gasp. Not to worry. We don't typically like that 4-letter "R" word in winter, but at the start of snowmaking season it's not so bad. You see, we get the rain, it freezes and now we have a palette for making snow. So it's all groovy.

The snow cannons are making a nice line up Sunrise Mountain and with any luck at all Mother Nature will bring us some arctic flow. Mix that with enough moisture to add natural snow to our manmade mix and we will be off to a good start!

So do your favorite snow dance, get in touch with your inner Ullr and pray for snow, people!

Sunrise is currently scheduled to open on Saturday, November 23, weather and conditions permitting.


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