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Cyclone? Wassup?!

That is the million dollar question, and if I had a nickel for every time I answered this on Instagram and Facebook I'd be RICH!

But seriously...

Here is the short answer to this question:

1. The lift on our beloved Cyclone Circle cannot be fixed. There is no bandaid for this one.

2. The price tag for a new lift is $10M+ (that's ten million... plus).

3. So here's the dealio. As we work toward that goal, and until then, our response to the $10M+ deficit is 2 brand new, glass cab, warm, cozy, 9-passenger snow cats that will transport guests to the top of Cyclone Circle and Apache Peak in less than half the time that the current and old lifts did, AND... warm and comfortable.

4. We will also be offering Snow Cat Tours (separately, details TBD)

5. The Snow Cat Add-On is for Sunrise Season Pass Holders only, on sale now for just $250 unlimited rides!

6. For those of you who would rather tough it out, you can still hike from Apache Peak to Cyclone to make your descent there.

As always, we are striving to provide options for our guests. We hope that you appreciate the value being offered while we work toward a new lift that will accommodate our guests to their desired level.

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