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Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Updated 8-2-2020


We have been closely monitoring our local community's COVID-19 cases and meeting with state and Tribal authorities. While Arizona has been in a phased re-opening, Sunrise Park Resort has been cautiously on hold as new cases continue to emerge.

Per the White Mountain Apache Tribe Emergency Operations Center, the Fort Apache Indian Reservation will remain closed until further notice. We are in a "Stay At Home" order and no visitors are allowed at this time to Sunrise Park Resort, Sunrise Park Lodge or WMAT. A curfew has been mandated from 8pm until 5am daily.

On a positive note, the curve appears to be moving in a downward direction this week. We are not out of the woods yet, but as soon as we get confirmation from authorities we will begin our own phased reopening here.

Summer events have been cancelled/postponed until 2021.

Winter operations are being revised to comply with new health regulations for the safety of our guests and staff alike, and staff training will include mandatory protocols regarding COVID-19 and health requirements.

Team Sunrise is working hard to prepare our mountain playground for all of our guests. We miss your smiling faces!

**Please check back on this page for our most updated information**


How long will you be closed?

The opening date for Sunrise Park Resort is now ON HOLD. Sunrise Park Resort and Sunrise Park Lodge will be closed until further notice, and we will constantly monitor the situation in our community to work out when reopening is feasible.

Can I hike up the mountain, go fishing or kayaking while it is closed?

We are not permitting uphill traffic of any kind on any of our three peaks or allowing access through the entry gate for hiking, fishing or lake activities as we continue to maintain the safety of our mountains and facilities.

Sunrise Park Lodge is also on lock down and no rooms or cabins will be available to book until this crisis has passed. No hiking on the hotel or resort properties will be permitted. No fishing, kayaking or water sports are permitted at Sunrise Lake, Lake Ono or other Fort Apache Indian Reservation parks or lakes. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

What about your employees, how are you assisting them in this difficult time?

Sunrise Park Resort could not run without the hard work and dedication of our employees. With the well-being of our employees in mind, all staff is under mandatory "Stay At Home Order" until further notice.