New Beginnings

... and Great Partnerships!

Sunrise Park Resort would like to thank Anne Groebner | OutdoorsSW for her passion and dedication to our mountain resort and community!

Anne always comes in with an open mind and heart and asks about the positive changes that are being implemented here, and there are many.


AND... Sunrise Ski Patrol's own Brian Zongker is a major contributor to OSW as well. (Did you know that Ski Patrol pretty much knows everything going on at a mountain resort? Ya, for real!)


So if you wanna know what's REALLY going on at Sunrise... this is your source!

Last month Anne took time to ask questions, get answers and talk to many of our staff about the hard work and dedication that is at the core of Team Sunrise! (Can I get a woot woot?!)

With this editorial you will be in the know and have answers to frequently asked questions we get again and again.

As fate would have it there is already another issue of OSW in the stands that covers Sunrise's Opening Day and more!

If you haven't checked out OutdoorsSW in the magazine stands or online yet, YOU SHOULD!

Thank you, Anne, we sincerely appreciate you!


OSW Big Changes.png

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