Please be patient as we are working to create a better experience for you here!
In lieu of the COVID-19 crisis we have been paralyzed with uncertainty regarding our summer opening date and events. Like you, we are waiting for the green light to get back to our lives, a sense of normalcy.
That being said, we are HOPEFUL!
We are now moving forward as if we are a "GO", and prepared to pause any operations that will require being on "HOLD" as we endure this pandemic...
Please be advised that our summer opening date, events dates and all operations are in a "PENDING" state. We are moving forward as if the green light is on, and will inform if otherwise.
During this time, certain pages may default here, but know we are planning. We are excited to get out of our homes, into nature and this beautiful space here at Sunrise Park Resort. And we sincerely hope that when this crisis passes, you will join us.
Humans are social creatures. Despite our evident differences, often petty, we are of the same HUMAN RACE. And we anticipate joy, fun, laughter and adventure when we reunite... hopefully sooner than later.
Be blessed, healthy and safe... and mark your calendars, because we are ready to break though when the time is right and celebrate life, nature and that Mountain Spirit once again!

Owned and Operated by the White Mountain Apache Tribe

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