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Try a Ski Bike!



$150 for 3 Hour Lesson  |  $200 All Day Lesson  |  $50 for Bike Rental Only (all day)

Lessons include bike rental, helmet, boots & lift pass. Bike Rental includes helmet & boots (provide your own lift).

  1. Where do I get my bike?

    • Get signed up for a lesson or rent a ski bike at Ski School or Crown Dancer Café.

  2. Do I need a lesson?

    • Yes, just one time. Once you have passed your lesson (skill level, speed control, turns, loading/offloading, etc.) you will be on our roster of approved ski bike renters​ and will be able to rent a bike without further instruction.

  3. Can I reserve a ski bike?

    • Yes, call 855.735.SNOW (7669) Extension 2306​

  4. Can I bring my own ski bike?

    • Yes! Your bike must first pass inspection ($25 one time fee). You will receive​ sticker for your bike. You must also pass the skills test mentioned above.

  5. What do experienced SkiBike riders need to ride at Sunrise?

    • Experienced SkiBike Riders who bring their own equipment may demonstrate skills and safety in a 30 minute on-the-snow checkout ride. Checkout rides are $25 and start at the Crown Dancer Café at 9 AM (sharp) daily, lift pass required.

    • When you successfully pass the skills and safety checkout ride, you will be added to the Sunrise approved ski bike riders roster. If you do not pass the skills and safety checkout ride, the $25 fee will be applied to a ski bike lesson that day, subject to staff availability.

  6. What trails can I ride my ski bike?

    • ​You may take a ski bike on Chair 8 Midway and down & Chair 1 to Apache Pass. Unrestricted ski bike access on Apache and Cyclone peaks. SkiBikes are not allowed on upper Sunrise trails or in the terrain park.

  7. What safety equipment is required?

    • Helmets, and anti drop leash while riding chairlift is required. 

    • Anti-runaway leash is required while riding ski bikes with three skis.

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